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Life can sometimes throw you a curve ball. It might be loss of a loved one from death or divorce, job loss or it could be just the everyday stress of life, paying bills, aging parents, teenage children, issues in relationship. Things we all have to deal with on a daily basis. Some days you may even wonder why am I  here?  I have had all these things so I can understand your frustration. I have learned in order to truly understand what someone is going through you have to have walked in their shoes.

I have had many curve balls come my way and am happy to say I have learned new ways to deal with the STRESS of life.

Not the Stress we have but how we deal with it that will make the difference for all involved. I am  here to assist others to find Joy even in dark times.

I am pleased you are here, my gift to you is a 15 minute FREE consultation. I look forward  to hearing from you.

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